Cold Fans- Air Cooler Mist Fan

Cold Fans- Air Cooler Mist Fan

Item Code: IH-OD-MF-07

Dimensions: 56(w) x 50(d) x H140 (h)cm

3 fan speed settings : 1/1.100rpm  , 2 / 1.250rpm , 3/1,400rpm

Reservoir Capacity : 7.5L
Weight :‎ 1.36 kg
Cable length: 1.5 M
Color: Black


  • ➤Material: pure copper movement, ball bearing motor, reduce friction, more durable, stable operation, spray-type twin-screw centrifugal spray disc, centrifuge with large water droplets, fine particles, comfortable wind, not dry
  • ➤Safety: Large swing angle with sliding grille function – all the advantages of vibration function, no safety problems, because the motor casing is stable, the universal wheel design makes it easier to move freely
  • ➤Design: high-strength aluminum alloy blade, large angle, strong wind, not easy to shake, not easy to deform, durable, the timer allows the user to program the fan, the maximum cooling time is 5 hours, wide angle shaking head 90°, silent soft wind, effective wind Up to 11 meters
  • ➤ Wind speed: three different wind modes to meet the user’s personal preferences
  • ➤Application: Suitable for home, greenhouse, garage, outdoor restaurant, gas station, residential courtyard, large and medium-sized office, exhibition hall, club, family shopping center, electronic entertainment venue, internet cafe, commercial venue, stadium